Looking for a bot that makes discord more interesting? Then Vivre is the one it comes with features like moderation, welcome, music, utility and more.

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Vivre is a music/moderation/fun/giveaway bot.It's made with discord.js Version 12.5.3.This bot comes with unique commands you can do everything from it. You can also watch youtube from this bot and it comes with button based calculator which can help you do your caclculations in discord app. Vivre is completely safe and user friendly bot people love this bot because of it's unique features. You can also listen to music from this bot isn't it cool? you can moderate your server plus you can do fun things like playing games watching youtube e.t.c. You can get started by executing $help command to see all commands and our cateogires example is attached down below. If you like our bot please consider voting it it will mean alot.
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